Vegas Content Management Framework

What is Vegas CMF?

Vegas is an open source content management framework based on Phalcon. Project GitHub page can be found here. As any other CMF, Vegas shares aspects of a web application framework and a content management system.

You may ask: Do I really need another CMF?

We are sure that answer is yes.

  • First of all, we have chosen Phalcon - the fastest and most ligthweight framework available for PHP. You can check speed comparison here or here.
  • We are giving you a lot of libraries that you can use standalone as well. You want to use only forms and validation lib? No problem!
  • What is also important, Vegas CMF is really easy to extend. You can check test suites prepared for each library to check how they work and use lot of prepared interfaces and Phalcon-specific traits.
  • Still not sure? Maybe you like MongoDB or other NoSQL solution? If so, we have great news, each library has a built-in mongo adapters!

The story

At the beginning we just wanted to create best quality projects for our customers. In our Krakow office, team of experienced developers started to work on professional CMF solution. When project began to grow and one functionality after another have been added, we started to believe that we can share our code with other people and make their development process easier as we made it easy for ourselves. We hope that we were right!

How to start?

Check getting started page if you want to know how to setup environment with PhalconPHP and how to build your first project with vegaser tool. For detailed informations about libraries, examples and go to reference guide.

Our mission

Our goal is to create highly decoupled tool, that you can reuse as a full stack solution or as separate library with the goods tailored for your needs. We want to add value to open source community by providing high quality code useful for both commercial and non-commercial projects using best design patterns and methodologies.

It is important for us to share experience with other developers and participate in active discussion. We are always excited to improve our product thanks to your suggestions. We are sure that we will be able to gather great community and together create the best PHP CMF that is available through the web.

Last but not least, we strongly believe that Vegas CMF can help you to develop fast, secure and scalable PHP applications.