Service Manager

If you followed Vegas CMF module schema Service Manager will allow you to load services from your modules without building service providers for any of them. They would be loaded "on the fly". Of course they can be shared and reused.

Manager usage

Take a look of the code below with example Bar service in Foo module:

namespace Foo\Services;

use Phalcon\DI\InjectionAwareInterface;
use Vegas\DI\InjectionAwareTrait;

class Bar implements InjectionAwareInterface
    use InjectionAwareTrait;

    public function baz()
        // do something

Usage in controller:


Usage in class with injected DI:


Usage in volt template:

{{ serviceManager.getService('foo:bar').baz() }}

"Components like" services

Sometimes you may want to use part of business logic along with rendering small template and include the whole thing in several places through the application. In situation like this component services can be useful. Extending typical service with \Vegas\DI\Service\ComponentAbstract class will give you additional render([$params]) method. Optional $params array will be passed to setUp method.

namespace Foo\Services;

 * Class SuperBar
 * @package Foo\Services
class SuperBar extends \Vegas\DI\Service\ComponentAbstract
    protected function setUp($params = array())
        // do something with params
        if (empty($params['data']) {
            $params['data'] = 'foobar';

        return array('data' => $params['data']);

Template for SuperBar service should be placed in app/modules/Foo/views/services/superBar.volt. Code may look like:

This is data: {{ data }}

In volt templates you can render this service using code below:

{{ serviceManager.getService('foo:superBar').render() }}