Vegas CMF Media Uploader


Part of code that is responsible ie. for temp/original destination of the uploaded files. It also can check mime types or allowed extensions on the server side. (Notice that upload form element can only check mime types and allowed extensions on client side)


Uploader is normally used in UploaderServiceProvider. The code of UploaderServiceProvider looks like:

use Phalcon\DiInterface;
use Vegas\DI\ServiceProviderInterface;
use Vegas\Media\Uploader as Uploader;

class UploaderServiceProvider implements ServiceProviderInterface
    const SERVICE_NAME = 'uploader';

    public function register(DiInterface $di)
        $config = $di->get('config');
        $di->set(self::SERVICE_NAME, function () use ($config) {
            $uploaderAdapter = new Uploader(new \File\Models\File());
            $uploaderAdapter->setExtensions(['jpg', 'png']);
            $uploaderAdapter->setMimeTypes(['image/jpeg', 'image/png']);
            $uploaderAdapter->setTempDestination(\Vegas\Utils\Path::getRootPath() .'/public/temp');
            $uploaderAdapter->setOriginalDestination(\Vegas\Utils\Path::getRootPath() . '/public/uploads');

            return $uploaderAdapter;
        }, true);

    public function getDependencies()
        return array();

UploaderServiceProvider should be placed in the following path: /app/services/UploaderServiceProvider.php